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We QINGDAO HOTMISO FOOD CO.,LTD mainly deal in our own products, the technical import and export practice and the import of mechanical equipments, spare and accessory parts, supplementary material and technique. Our company lies in Jiaozhou, Qingdao City, the biggest and the most important chilli distributing center and processing and exporting base of chilli products. The company address is close to the most famous chilli dealing market in China, which makes our company be richly endowed by geo-advantage. Since Hotmiso Company was founded twenty years ago, we have been dedicated in the development of chilli food field and have lead in the high-end paprika market. Our company has its own brands, such as ?Hotmiso? ?Qingyang? ?Food Love?, which are famous in the whole industry and builds the mature commercial network all over the country. In the international market, our company has built stable supply cooperation relationship with many big international famous companies from Japan, America, Korea and so on. Xinjiang, with thousands of acres of raw material site, provides natural, green and best-quality raw material continually every year. Our product quality is first geared to international standards and maintains the leading position of the same trade. In the process of company developing during the past twenty years, with the extensive attention and support by various circles of society and hard work, our company has passed the standard of ISO9001 and HACCP at the beginning of foundation, developing into the leading enterprise in Shandong industrialized agriculture. At the same time the development of our company has got the attention of the academician Yuan Longping, who left the inscription of ?develop chilli industry , strive for leading industry and advocate new aesthetics on Chinese paprika? Website:http://www.hanmixiaofood.com
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Dry red chili pepper,High degree chili powder,Low spiciness Japanese chili sauce,The spiciness skyhawk chili powder,High degree pickled pepper powder
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