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Date: 11th May 2016
The Degree Of Korean Rice Green Pepper Powder
High degree Korean chili powderOil,Website:http://www.hanmixiaofood.com, chili powder is red or red and yellow lip homogeneous powder that is made up of red pepper, yellow pepper, hot pepper seeds and part of a mixture of hot peppers and rod grinding fine, with pepper, spicy smell of inherent pungent smell of sneezing. Authentic with stone mortar should be pounding out, also can directly use dry pepper, blasting in the sun or gently in the pan after baked into powder.?1. The grinding good soon, cool thoroughly before in sealed bag Otherwise easy to return bad?2. Soon, can be used for cooking My home is to use it to do more chili oil (use hot oil poured on top to serve)?3. Know that you are generally directly grind into powder Actually dried chili or containing a small amount of water through making dry pepper is not only easy to grind into powder can prolong shelf life And it will be more sweet!?Nutritional analysis:?1. Antipyretic analgesic: pepper XinWen, can lower the body temperature by sweating, and ease muscle pain, therefore has strong antipyretic analgesic action?2. To prevent cancer: the active components of capsicum capsaicin is a kind of antioxidant substances, it can prevent the cell metabolism, so as to terminate the cancerous tissue process, reduce the incidence rate of cancer cells?3. Increase appetite, help digestion, strong fragrant spicy chili can stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, increased appetite, promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion?4. Lipid-lowering diet: pepper contains capsaicin, can promote the metabolism of fat, prevent adipose accumulate in the body, is advantageous to the prevention lipid-lowering diet.?
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